According to Google Reader, these are the blogs I have the most “clicked” the past 30 days, i.e. opened the page to like or reblog from them:

Subscription # Clicked

the Death of Youth 28
ahead standard 25
mercedesmarie.tumblr.com 24
Fabrice Mabillot Photographer 21
Creative Rehab 17
Nympho Ninjas 16
edith j 14
poontang on the moon or in outer space 14
Robt. Herron 14
Zach McCaffree Photos n’ Junk 14
Meagan Sample 13
KW 12
Our hearts of ruin. 12
Queen Maria Libertina 12
Daily Silent Boobs 11
Film is God 11
Inner Optics 11
My life in xanadu 11
ahtnamas 10
Brooke Lynne 10
C* 10
Dark Silence In Suburbia 10
edouard2p 10
feliz paloma gonzalez 10
Seek me… 10
The Days of April 10
ARTchipel 9
francisco marin 9
Lost in thoughts 9
musings from a bored model… 9
Never met a girl like you 9
Deviant Beauty 8
liberty & libertinage 8
Rebekah Seok 8
this isn’t happiness. 8
TMT’s Photos….. 8


Due to a lack of time I can´t post so often as before (well, I don´t have so much time for searching adequate images for my blog) so now is your turn, you can colaborate on my blog in the way you want:
          You can submit any image you think is suitable for my blog, giving source or credit if is possible. This is a good way to promote yourself too because I would give you credit (example)

          If you´re photographer you can submit your work, whereas your photos are coherent with the content of my blog.

          If you´re a muse (you don´t need to be a model to appear on this blog) you can submit photos of you as well.

          Finally, if you want to be a regular contributor (this means being member of my blog) just leave a message saying that.

Let´s go!!

Pretty please, help her :)